Leonovus Inc.

Leonovus is an Ottawa based software company with three commercial product offerings: Vault, Smart Filer and Consolidata.

Consolidata provides COVID-19 researchers and policymakers with an on-demand consolidated data repository for national, and potentially international, hospitalization, critical care and treatment efficacy information.

Leonovus Vault uses patented algorithms to analyze, classify, encrypt, shred and spread data across a network of on-premises or multi-cloud storage nodes.

Leonovus Smart Filer is an information lifecycle management (ILM) solution that analyzes existing file storage and extends its capacity automatically and transparently.

Expert Comments:

Leonovus, a data storage and security technology firm, positions its software to enable healthcare groups to organize massive amounts of COVID/public health data.
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Clive Maund,

"If Leonovus Inc.'s COVID-19 technology is widely adopted—and it could be, it is under evaluation—it could do a moonshot from its current very low price. . .what I can definitely tell you is that, so far, the stock chart looks positive. . .the price is right on a line of support now."

Leonovus' technologies could become a unified data capture, storage and analytics solution for the Covid-19 crises.
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Clive Maund –

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Big data is a growing market
Solution fits a huge need for COVID-19
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Numerous COVID-19 proposals into Canadian federal, provincial and territorial governments