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Sector Expert: Philip Ker

PI Financial

Image: Philip Ker

Philip Ker is a mining analyst for PI Financial. He has field experience as an exploration geologist working across Canada on gold, diamond and base metal projects. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance at the University of Alberta and also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in geology.

Recent Interviews

Why Miners with Positive Cash Flow Deserve Your Attention: Philip Ker (3/2/15)
Faucet of gold

Cash flow. Cash Flow. Cash flow. That's where investors should focus in 2015, says Philip Ker, mining analyst with PI Financial. Ker says that Canadian and Mexican gold producers are generating greater cash flow owing to a stronger U.S. greenback and more finely tuned mine plans. In this interview with The Gold Report, he shares his top stock pick for 2015 and some equity stories that could unlock further shareholder value with the drill bit.

Thinning the Junior Mining Herd Tough but Necessary: Philip Ker (4/12/13)

A dearth of financing is culling the junior mining herd. Who will be left? Philip Ker, a mining analyst with PI Financial in Toronto, believes cash-flow generators in safe jurisdictions will continue to perform in this market. In this interview with The Gold Report, Ker talks about a few favorite companies that fit the bill.

Junior Miners Still Giving the Street Something to Talk About: Philip Ker (7/30/12)

Which junior miners are giving the Street something to talk about? Some shining examples of promising companies with good balance sheets do exist despite what seems like a market dominated by bad news. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Philip Ker, an analyst with Vancouver-based Union Securities, shares the good news his latest site visits have revealed about projects in Nevada and Mexico.

Recent Quotes

"RVG's Beartrack-Arnett PEA outlined 506 Koz Au of LOM production."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (11/17/20)
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"TLG's PEA shows a robust NPV of $574M (5%) and post-tax IRR of 22.9%."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (9/2/20)
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"TLG's ongoing resource growth and remaining upside from the new Southwest zone pave the way for future growth."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (7/29/20)
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"RVG offers an attractive takeover opportunity for producers."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (4/29/20)
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"There remains a disconnect of value ascribed to TLG for its resources."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (4/22/20)
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"GBR's Dixie shows continuity of mineralization along the LP fault."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (4/9/20)
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"GBR is calling the LP fault zone one continuous mineralization block."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (2/13/20)
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"RVG's Beartrack and Arnett deposits both remain open for expansion."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (2/3/20)
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"TLG intersected gold mineralization in all seven Southwest zone holes."

— Philip Ker, PI Financial (1/28/20)
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