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Silver Rigging: The End Is Near! (05/31/2017)

Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, examines how awareness that banks have "fixed" silver prices affects the market, and what putting a stop to that manipulation means for investors.


AbraPlata: New Argentinian Player Advancing Substantial Resource with Exploration Upside (05/30/2017)

AbraPlata has completed a reverse takeover and closed an oversubscribed private placement, and is now moving quickly to explore its properties in Argentina.


Jack Chan’s Weekly Precious Metals Sector Update (05/27/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets, noting COT data supports higher silver prices.


An Action-Packed Exploration Year for These Three Companies (05/25/2017)

As the first half of 2017 comes to a close, Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Caesars Report, takes a close look at three companies with hot prospects for a productive second half.


The Zinc Race Is Heating Up and One Company Just Made a Big Move Forward (05/25/2017)

Trevali Mining added new weapons to its zinc arsenal by acquiring interest in Glencore's African zinc mines.


What Is Chen Buying? Gold, Cobalt, Phosphate and Biotech. . . (05/25/2017)

With the market in flux, Chen Lin of the popular newsletter What Is Chen Buying?, What Is Chen Selling? is hedging his bets with investments in a variety of companies in different sectors.


Rare Earths and Gold Projects Advancing in Australia (05/24/2017)

A recent report by Edison Investment Research has Alkane Resources back on track at its Tomingley Gold Operations after disruptive rains, and development is continuing at the multi-commodity Dubbo Project.


Disputes, Higher Dividends and New Study: Mostly Good News  (05/23/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day reviews news from several companies, mostly positive developments, and notes that some stocks are good buys at current levels. 


Castle Silver Should be Called Castle Cobalt (05/23/2017)

With the price of cobalt increasing, Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold profiles Castle Silver, which has turned its focus to cobalt.


Stock Life Cycles and Maximizing Profits (05/22/2017)

Technical analyst Clive Maund describes the life cycle of stocks, and pinpoints the stage in the cycle that is optimal for investment.


Is the Gold Correction Over? (05/22/2017)

With confidence in the post-election "Trump inflation trade" waning, Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, set out their thesis for the end of the current correction in the gold market.


The Market Will Tank Hard (05/22/2017)

The script for 2017-2018: Melt Up, then Global Meltdown, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, who sees industrial metals, specifically silver and zinc, leading a commodities charge, while broad indices take a nose dive.


In Times of Rate Hikes, Industrial Metals Rise Fastest (05/22/2017)

Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, says in times of rate hikes, industrial metals rise fastest, and in today's world, the type of metals in highest demand by China are going to rise the most.


The Marijuana Sector: Timing the Next Upleg (05/21/2017)

Canadian and U.S. marijuana stocks have taken divergent paths over the last six months, and technical analyst Clive Maund examines why.


Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Market Update: The Correction Continues (05/20/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals market, noting a price bounce off positive divergence.


Don't Waver—Hard Asset Bull Market Still Intact (05/18/2017)

The severity of the commodities bear market from 2011–2015 makes Matt Geiger, managing partner at MJG Capital, confident that the current hard asset bull market will last into 2019 and quite possibly longer. In this interview with The Gold Report, Geiger discusses commodities he is especially keen on right now and several companies that he expects to perform well.


Is the Market Plunge Just a Storm in a Teacup? (05/18/2017)

Technical analyst Clive Maund analyzes Wednesday's drop in U.S. stock markets amid concerns over political turmoil in Washington.


Two Ways to Beat the Odds with Mining Investing (05/17/2017)

Gold has been trading sideways for a while, but that does not perturb Louis James, editor of the International Speculator. In this interview with The Gold Report, James explains why the he is comfortable with the current gold price and discusses his two investments theses for precious metals.


Keith Neumeyer Just Emailed Me: 'This Is My Core Zinc Position' (05/17/2017)

Keith Neumeyer, who built his career in silver and precious metals, is diversifying into industrial metals, specifically zinc, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group.


Tinka Resources: Ayawilca Could Grow into a World-Class Zinc Asset (05/15/2017)

The Critical Investor examines Tinka Resources, which has found high levels of zinc in the first holes of a new exploration program.


Investors Are Pulling Out of US Stocks (05/14/2017)

Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global discusses why he believes the U.S. stock market has peaked and what factors could reignite gold stocks.


Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Market Update: A Selloff in Silver (05/13/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metal markets, noting the impacts of a sharp selloff in silver.


Yields Over 8% Are Still Attractive (05/12/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day discusses several business development companies in his portfolio that offer high dividends.


Pan American Silver Tops CIBC's Silver Producer List (05/12/2017)

Pan American Silver released Q1 earnings of $20 million, and CIBC reaffirmed the company's position as its top silver producer pick.


IAMGOLD's Gross Profit Increases 438% in Q1 (05/12/2017)

Among the Q1/17 financial results that IAMGOLD released were a 12% increase in gold production and a 438% gain in gross profits.


Analysts View Franco-Nevada's Q1 Earnings as Strong Start to 2017 (05/11/2017)

Franco-Nevada's Q1/17 earnings beat expectations and analysts say the company is off to a good start in 2017.


Sandstorm Gold's Mariana Acquisition Is Focus for Analysts (05/11/2017)

The first quarter results for Sandstorm Gold are in and the focus for analysts is on the agreement to acquire Mariana Resources.


Drilling Extends Strike at TerraX's Yellowknife City Project (05/09/2017)

The assay results that TerraX released give it plenty of targets to follow up with at its Yellowknife City Gold Project.


When Will Gold Stocks Take Off? (05/08/2017)

Gold stocks are trading at valuations not seen in decades, according to Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global. But conditions are ideal for a new gold bull.


Millennium Minerals, Searching for a Greater Fool (05/08/2017)

Precious metals expert Bob Moriarty updates investors on recent moves by Millennium Minerals in Australia and discusses recent moves in the silver COT reports.


Gold: A Tsunami of Selling (05/07/2017)

A chain reaction is forming the last great gold stock buying opportunity of the decade, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group.


Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Market Update (05/06/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals markets.


Pretium Is Looking Forward to Bringing In the Gold at Brucejack (05/04/2017)

Pretium has introduced ore to the commissioning process to prepare for production at its Brucejack mine.


Compared to Silver and Platinum, Gold Is Getting Really Expensive (05/04/2017)

Investors can make money in precious metals without predicting the direction of prices, says Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, by paying attention to the gold-platinum and gold-silver spreads.


Newest Mining Explorer to Trade on TSX Venture Worth Watching (05/03/2017)

The latest company to IPO on the TSX Venture Exchange holds an option on the Cervantes property in Sonora, Mexico, located at the intersection of two major mineralized trends.


Red Eagle Exploration Expands (05/03/2017)

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold describes the evolution of the Red Eagle franchise, which has successfully advanced projects in a volatile jurisdiction.


Why I Use Precious Metals ETFs for Trading and Penny Stocks for Long-Term Holding (05/01/2017)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he trades precious metals using ETFs, but has penny stocks as his long-term holdings.


What's Not Up for Gold (05/01/2017)

There is a push/pull in the gold market that is testing the patience of investors, and Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, founders of Seabridge Gold, counsel that investors should stay calm.


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