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Redstar: High-Grade Gold in Alaska (08/31/2016)

On the back of one of the biggest rallies in resource history, many junior resource shares are up hundreds of percent. Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold profiles Redstar Gold, a company he believes is still cheap in this bull market.


Hot Chili's Hot Chilean Gold and Copper Prospects (08/30/2016)

Exploration at Hot Chili Ltd.'s Productora copper project, located in Chile, has uncovered a gold resource at Sierra Zapallo, prompting analyst Trent Barnett of Hartleys to upgrade the company to a Speculative Buy.


Few Buys in Global Markets After Rallies (08/30/2016)

Money manager Adrian Day provides an update of his non-resource holdings and his interpretation of the Federal Reserve's activities.


Late-August Calm a Breeding Ground for Bullion Bank Shenanigans (08/29/2016)

Precious metals specialist Michael Ballanger discusses the recent correction in the gold market and the moves by bullion banks behind them.


Correction in Gold and Silver Underway (08/27/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a correction in the gold and silver markets and plots his investment strategy.


The Precious Metals Sector and the Fed. . . (08/26/2016)

Technical analyst Clive Maund reflects on how Federal Reserve statements may affect markets, and explains why he thinks the precious metals markets are due for a correction.


Azure Minerals Strikes Silver and Gold in Mexico (08/25/2016)

Azure Minerals Ltd. (AZS:ASX), an Australian company developing two precious metal projects in Mexico, has caught the attention of a pair of analysts and the Mining Journal.


A Zombie Financial System, Black Swans and a Gold Share Correction (08/23/2016)

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold says that since the crash of 2008, the financial system has become a zombie, and he urges investors to pay attention to when they take some money off the table.


Investing in the New Resource Bull Market (08/22/2016)

After four grinding years of falling metal prices and vanishing market capitalizations, we have seen a stunning shift in market sentiment since mid-January, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. Multiple physical commodities are now in technical bull markets, and resource equities in particular have enjoyed a spectacular 2016 thus far. Geiger highlights several companies poised to take advantage of the boom.


Novo Resources Aims for High-Grade Gold Trifecta (08/21/2016)

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, who has been following Novo Resources for four years, discusses the company's three programs that are likely to gain investor attention.


Gold Ready to Correct (08/20/2016)

No bull market is sustainable on a nonstop price spike, says technical analyst Jack Chan, and he predicts the current gold bull market will soon correct, providing a good entry point.


Tahoe Resources' Record-Setting Quarter Earns Analysts' Praise (08/18/2016)

The Q2 numbers are in, and Tahoe Resources exceeded both production and cash flow expectations in the first half of 2016, according to analysts following the company. Based on those numbers—and with management changes also in place—the experts believe the company will continue to outperform.


Three Companies Defining Great Targets for Fall Exploration (08/16/2016)

Summer is a busy time for explorers; the right preparation now can help define targets for the fall. Resource Maven's Gwen Preston highlights three companies whose work now could set the stage for a very productive autumn.


Putting Gold Miners into Proper Perspective (08/15/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger reviews a number of the key elements that have characterized 2016's advance in gold, silver and the associated mining, development and exploration stocks.


Gold Bull Correction: Not an If, but When (08/13/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts indicators that confirm both the gold bull market and an impending correction.


Gold 2.0: How to Profit from the Current Gold Bull Market (08/11/2016)

After five years of a brutal bear market, gold and gold miners are finally having a huge rebound, and investor Chen Lin, writer of the popular newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?, sees the parallels to 2009. He highlights nearly a dozen mining companies that have weathered the downturn and are in position to ride the wave higher.


Gold Standard Ventures' Monster Hole (08/09/2016)

Precious metals expert Bob Moriarty discusses Gold Standard Ventures' latest drill results and explains why he has been a fan for a while.


China's Stranglehold on REEs Offers Opportunities (08/08/2016)

Richard Karn, managing editor of The Emerging Trends Report, makes the argument for investment in rare earth and specialty metals, and explains why one company is a particularly smart bet for investors.


Signs Are Silver Bull Market Is Consolidating (08/08/2016)

Having hit a target, silver has formed what is believed to be an intermediate top over the past five weeks or so, which it should soon start to descend from, says technical analyst Clive Maund.


Gold and Silver Bull Market Correction Expected (08/06/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan is awaiting the gold bull correction and sees it as a good entry point for gold.


Royalty Deal with Waterton Should Bolster Terraco Gold (08/04/2016)

Terraco Gold's recent Spring Valley royalty deal with a private Waterton investment fund has primed the company and its investors for growth.


Gold and Silver, Guns & Ammo (08/02/2016)

Precious metals expert Clive Maund says markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, and he advises investors to hang on to their gold and silver.


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