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3D Signatures Inc. is a personalized medicine company with a proprietary software platform based on the three-dimensional analysis of a patient's individual chromosomal arrangement − or signature. The technology is well developed and supported by 16 clinical studies on over 1,500 patients on 13 different cancers and Alzheimer's disease. Depending on the application, the technology can measure the stage of disease, rate of progression of disease, drug efficacy, and drug toxicity. The technology is designed to predict the course of disease and to personalize treatment for the individual patient.

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Technical analyst Clive Maund takes a look at a biotech stock that he views as a strong buy.
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"3D Signatures Inc. is a company I am excited about. It has a platform technology that looks at a component of a person's DNA and is potentially able to predict the outcome of various medical treatments. It just announced some results from a Hodgkin's lymphoma study. It has also done work on prostate cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. I think it's relatively low risk. On the previous work that it has done, it has shown very strong results and predictive ability. It is currently doing a much larger confirmatory trial in Hodgkin's lymphoma. I like the fact that it's a platform. It has applications for various diseases and medical conditions. The timeline to have a commercial product is much shorter than a traditional biotech company developing a new drug." read more >

Imagine if a simple test of a blood or tissue sample could predict whether the standard treatment of care for a cancer would be effective. That day appears to be near for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma.
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BioTuesdays (2/20/18)
"3D Signatures Inc. has reported positive results from a preliminary analysis of trial data for Telo-HL, its test for Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) that is designed to personalize treatment for newly diagnosed patients. . .3DS remains on track to complete all phases of the test development and analytical validation by April 2018. . .3DS focused on HL because the treatment plan for this form of cancer is currently based on a trial and error system of testing different therapies to explore which, if any, a patient responds to. . .TeloView is supported by 25 clinical studies involving more than 3,000 patients and 20 different cancers, plus Alzheimer's disease."

One analyst believes 2018 could mark a 'dramatic turnaround' for this biotech company, which is at the forefront of using three-dimensional telomere analysis to personalize medical treatment.
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