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Cypress Development is a publicly traded exploration company focused on developing the company's 100%-owned Clayton Valley lithium project in the state of Nevada, United States. Cypress' Dean & Glory lithium project is located immediately east of Albemarle's Silver Peak mine, North America's only lithium brine operation. Recent exploration by Cypress has discovered an extensive deposit of lithium-bearing claystone adjacent to the brine field. With mineralization tested by drilling over a seven-kilometer trend, the apparent size of the Dean & Glory deposit makes Clayton Valley a premier target that has the potential to impact the future of lithium production in North America.


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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Two years' worth of metallurgical testing has paid off; Cypress Development Corp. now knows how clay stones behave in various leach conditions and has even figured out a way to more effectively concentrate the lithium. Most importantly, the company has successfully produced lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide that can be marketed to end users, like electric vehicle battery manufacturers; this is a monumental step."

Peter Epstein
Peter Epstein of Epstein Research outlines the latest from this firm operating in Nevada, which is set to release a PFS in the fourth quarter.
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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Cypress Development Corp.'s CEO Willoughby cracked the metallurgy at Clayton Valley; the U.S. now has a major source of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. The news takes all the risk out of the company going into production and opens us up for agreements/buyout; Willoughby needs to work with an engineering firm to build a plant flowsheet to incorporate into a prefeasibility study (PFS) then release the PFS, likely in mid-October."

Through recent work, the company determined the best methods for its requisite lithium recovery, concentration and leaching processes.
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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Currently, Cypress Development Corp. is in the second phase of a prefeasibility study expected to come out in Q2/19. . .the next step is to determine whether lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide can be made out of the concentrated solution. If the company is successful in doing that, it would demonstrate its flow sheet at a pilot plant in order to show that lithium products can be produced at a commercial volume and economically, based on current lithium prices."

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Cypress Development Corp. is sitting on a massive potential lithium mine, and the company is smartly taking all the right steps to derisk it. . .it also needs to be stressed, Cypress is the only advanced lithium project in North America without a strategic partner or offtake agreement. Obtaining either following a successful prefeasibility study would be a significant catalyst for a market revaluation."

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Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report

"Cypress Development Corp. is now in a straight line toward the finish line as the company has now completed its six-hole drill program to do some infill drilling on a 1 sq km surface area where the southwestern portion of the pit has been planned. The infill program will give its independent consultants more data to use in the upcoming prefeasibility study, which we expect will confirm the results of the preliminary economic assessment."

headshot of Rick Mills

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Cypress Development Corp. is a stock on the move. . .the company is showing signs of life as the prefeasibility study close gets closer and closer."

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Peter Epstein, CFA – Epstein Research
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Thibaut Lepouttre, Editor Caesars Report
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Rick Mills Ahead of the Herd

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